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Lake Orta is described as the most romantic lake in Italy. One of the pearls of the lake is Orta San Giulio, a medieval village that offers stone buildings and stately villas with the island of San Giulio also called "Stone Island" offers an unmissable scenery, stretching from the sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso to the island of San Giulio, until Buccione tower.

The lake is beautiful: with a perimeter of about 40 km. With lap-lake itineraries that allow you to walk the banks and countries even walking and mountain biking, and is a small pre-alpine lake in the Eastern Piedmont; the center rises the island of San Giulio, symbol of the territory, which is named after the saint who converted to Christian worship the inhabitants of the lake. You can visit the place after a short boat trip and a walk in the village of Orta. The waters are safe for swimming and many popular sports are: swimming, triathlon, sailing, canoeing, rowing, diving, water skiing and fishing.

Lake Orta (or Cusio), the lake from the literary charm that has inspired many writers and poets, Lake Orta is the pearl of Cusio a charming treasure trove of art, culture and nature, a magical place for holidays, defined also as part of paradise where time seems to stand still !.
The town of Orta San Giulio, behind the Holy Mount, has been a source of inspiration for poets, intellectuals and writers from all over the world, enchanted by the charming, helped to further enrich the already ancient history of this corner of rare beauty, you will spend a quiet relaxing holiday with the whole family, including refreshing swims and relaxing nature walks.
Lake Orta and its artistic and natural wonders await you throughout the year.


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